So much of life is waiting. . .

As a Christian, I am waiting for a lot--for God to do His refining work in me, for Jesus to return, for me to GET how much God loves me and for me to see what He is doing . . .

What to do in the meantime? I have learned much about what the Lord is trying to teach me, tell me and show me through the discipline of daily time spent reading the Bible. So often we make this time harder than it has to be.

This blog was born out of wanting to share what God is showing me and wanting to be an example that daily time with God is not a deep or mysterious thing (well, every once in a while it can be), but simply a time to read scripture and note what jumps out at you that day. We don't have to be scholars or super-holy or ministry leaders to do this. Some days I hit the jackpot and others I come up empty--but only by persevering do I give God the space in which to speak and myself the stillness in which to hear and obey.

As of June of 2017, I've now decided to include parts of our adoption journey, which is, so far, yet another chapter of waiting.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lean on Me

Why do I believe so many lies about God? Reading in Psalm 50 today revealed yet another misconception that I hold about the Lord. Verses 14-15 say:
Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving,
and perform your vows to the Most High,
and call upon me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.
When faced with difficulties, I do tend to pray and ask the Lord for help--I am doing the right thing. However, in the back of my mind is the idea that He is frustrated, impatient, or even annoyed with me about all of the times that I call on Him. Surely I'm supposed to have figured this out by now. Surely this circumstance is not that big a deal to anyone else. Surely I can figure it out on my own.

However, verse fifteen tells me to call on the Lord so that He can deliver me and so that I may glorify Him. He wants me to call on Him. I'm supposed to be dependent on Him. It's part of the plan that I come to Him with everything, big and small. He may not swoop in and remove all of the obstacles--He may deliver me in small steps as I obey Him little by little--but my turning to Him glorifies Him. Glorifying the Lord is high on my list of what I want to do with my life, so I purpose to heed the psalmist and call on the Lord frequently and first, and without fear of His reaction.

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