So much of life is waiting. . .

As a Christian, I am waiting for a lot--for God to do His refining work in me, for Jesus to return, for me to GET how much God loves me and for me to see what He is doing . . .

What to do in the meantime? I have learned much about what the Lord is trying to teach me, tell me and show me through the discipline of daily time spent reading the Bible. So often we make this time harder than it has to be.

This blog was born out of wanting to share what God is showing me and wanting to be an example that daily time with God is not a deep or mysterious thing (well, every once in a while it can be), but simply a time to read scripture and note what jumps out at you that day. We don't have to be scholars or super-holy or ministry leaders to do this. Some days I hit the jackpot and others I come up empty--but only by persevering do I give God the space in which to speak and myself the stillness in which to hear and obey.

As of June of 2017, I've now decided to include parts of our adoption journey, which is, so far, yet another chapter of waiting.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Discipline vs. Faith

Today was a "come up empty" kind of day :-). Before I go on, I should qualify that--I believe that there is always something in scripture that we can learn from/ think about/ grow from. However, there are days when we choose to think about something because our mind knows that it's a good principle, and days when concepts/truth/verse leap off the page. "Empty" for me is a day when nothing jumps out at me.

The dilemma: To post or not to post? I am committed to keeping up with this blog and to post regularly. That is the "discipline" side of the equation--to think through what I am reading and to listen to the Lord and be faithful to record that with the hope of encouraging someone else. However, I'm also striving to be authentic and to not post something simply to check it off my list. I want to share what God shows me, and not just dig around for something that might sound good. Therein lies the faith half of the problem--to do that, I must trust that the Lord will show me truth and speak to me. If He doesn't choose to show me something on Tuesday (or if I'm not listening), then. . .no Tuesday post, and I must trust that Wednesday will be better.

Discipline versus faith is one of the key struggles of my Christian walk: Yes, I need to be disciplined to read the Bible and pray. Yet, these verses from Romans 9:15-16 are true as well:

For he says to Moses,"I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion." It does not, therefore, depend on man's desire or effort, but on God's mercy.

God may choose to speak or not speak--and He may choose to work in "my" time of prayer or not. My part of the equation, I think, is to keep seeking and listening and looking for God's truth and His hand.

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